Growing Roots

After being in England for over a year I finally feel some roots creeping into the ground. Not roots like we had in Ohio or in Texas, but roots none the less. This "rooting" process always seems to take SO long. And this time it took even longer because I wasn't working......well working OUTSIDE of the home. boys

I've recently got involved with the playgroup on the "main" base in our area. I'm enjoying it thoroughly and am loving the women that I'm meeting. The boys have such a wonderful time playing with the other kiddos and it gives me a chance to talk to other adults other than my husband during the week! boys

Lately I've been getting in that lonely mode. The mode any military wife or wife of a husband that relocates for a job feels at some point after a move. The longing of those deep friendships that you have had to leave behind. It's truly amazing how having a coffee date with a close friend can brighten your mood for weeks. I miss that. Now don't get me wrong, I have friends here, and I don't want to offend them when I say this, but they are my "new" friends. Friendships take time to grow and I just miss having friends around that already have grown deep. my boys

I've also been missing our families. I think as the kids get older it gets harder for me to be away from them. I'd like to think that if Jesse gets out of the military in a few years that I'd be up to move wherever, but I think my heart will ache to be near our families. I know God always has a plan, but isn't it just SO hard to see sometimes?! boys

With all of that said, as I was writing this post I was asked to go over to one of my "new" friends house for a little coffee. I'm excited to start getting together with my "new" friends and seeing where God takes these new roots of mine in the upcoming years. I know it will be so hard to uproot them again, but for now I'll just enjoy the growing. boys

Do you have any experience with moving and leaving close friends/family behind? How do you deal with it?

Michelle Parrott 
The Momma Bird 


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