Growing Sprouts

Yesterday I wrote an article on microgreens and Windowsill Gardens. I had mentioned doing sprouts in a windowsill garden, and today that is the subject. Sprouts are a great addition to salad, or a topper on your steak. Beans are a really easy sprout to use. Some other sprouts you can do would be: brocoli, alfalfa, clover, just about any bean, and many more. There are a few main methods of growing sprouts. There is the traditional plant the seed in the ground. You could wrap the seeds in a wet paper towel. You could even put them in jar of water and rinse them everyday. This is the method that we will be talking about today. And remember we are doing this with beans.

How to grow sprouts in a jar.

1. Take your seeds and put them in a strainer. Rinse them lightly.
2. Pick out any rocks, or broken seeds.
3. Place the seeds in a container full of water. Make sure there is about 3 times more water in the container then there are seeds.
4. Let the seeds soak for about 10 hours.
5. At this point you can transfer them to a jar with a screen lid. Place the jar in a sunny window.
6. Rinse daily. You will cover the sprouts in water, swirl the water around lightly, an pour out the water. After you rinse you will place the jar on an angle. This allows excess water to drain. A good tip is if you  place the jar on an angle in a bowl.
7. After your sprouts have begun to grow you can either eat them, put them in your fridge for later, or take a few and plant them.

And there you have it. If you do not want to have soil and just a jar in the window, you can have a sprout garden. A neat suggestion, if you are having a party or a big dinner, make a couple of jars of sprouts. In each jar have a mixture of seeds and beans. At the end of the week or so you will have individual sprout salads for everyone. Pour onto a plate, or a small bowl and enjoy! I hope you liked it. I will be showing off pictures of my sprout garden in a week or so.
Thank you for reading.


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