Growth Track, Brought to You by Bing -- Growth Imperative #2: Mobile

Don’t think your website needs to be mobile-enabled?  What if we told you that mobile-broadband subscriptions outnumber fixed broadband subscriptions globally by 2:1 Web sites and blogs are already seeing up to 20-25% of their traffic shifting to mobile devices, and those numbers will rise.

We love our audience no matter how they’re accessing our sites, but we may not be delivering the best experience to our mobile users, and we are certainly not monetizing our audience as efficiently via mobile. Is the answer responsive web design to deliver better mobile experiences? A site app that packages your content for mobile? Perhaps all of the above?

Stephanie Quilao of Noshtopia moderates a discussion with in-the-know-on -the-go women Maya Bisineer of MeMeTalesSarah Kramer of Go Vegan and the Go Vegan app, and Nelly Yusupova of WebGrrls - to discuss why you must take your site mobile, give you critical insights into the process of exploring your mobile options (from hiring a developer to choosing platforms), and how to see your mobile dreams through to reality.