I had another bad day today. My son is sick so we couldn't go anywhere sooooo smoking happened. I am really disappointed in myself and rather frustrated overall. I was doing so darn well!

I have had a great, yet stressful couple of days. I know that is no excuse for smoking, but it didn't help either. My son is sick and quite clingy-I love him, but can he drive a person nuts sometimes. We also had a small infestation of fruit flies-YUCK!! I couldn't figure why they were in the kitchen until i looked at the tomatos i bought 2 days before. They looked fine from the top so i never thought they were the problem, but then i moved them to wipe down the counters and about 15 of them flew out from the bottom! I totally freaked out and stayed up late cleaning the entire kitchen, setting up a bunch of little traps for them. I felt so itchy and yucky-hate those things. I think i pretty much got them all now-the other bad part is that they got in the rest of the house as well so i had to put some traps all over the damn house.

I think the weather has something to do with it as well. It has been cold and rainy, and with my son sick we really can't go to any indoor activities like the gym because i don't want him to infect other kids. Oh, i am just feeling ugh-the dumb thing is that i know the cigarettes are one of the reason why i feel so blue.

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