Family Fun Night $100 Sweepstakes!

GSN Minute To Win It

On the one-hour game show “Minute To Win It,” contestants face 10 increasingly difficult challenges using everyday household items. The competitors are given opportunities to leave with what they’ve earned so far- but it’ll take nerves of steel to complete all 10 tasks to win $1 million.

Bloggers got their whole families to join in playing these games at home as part of a family fun night. Read the posts below for some great family fun night activites, and enter to win $100!

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On No? Oh Yes! Minute to Win It is Back!

I remember watching every Apolo Anton Ohno speed skating race during previous winter Olympics. We would gather around the television and scream, "Oh No!" to cheer him on as if we were there in person. Among winning 8 Olympic medals he has also won and received the first ever perfect score on Dancing With The Stars, written best-selling books, and raises money and awareness  for EIB (exercise-induced bronchospasm) which he himself suffers from....more

Minute to Win It Family Games!

Y'all know that our family loves to play games together. We can turn everything, from board games to ping pong, into a fierce but loving competition. And when we just have a short time together we like to do quick, fast paced challenges. Like they play on Minute to Win It on GSN! Have you seen that show? The contestants have 60 seconds to complete a challenge using every day household items. We did it one year for our Christmas party and it was a huge hit. Our family likes to play them just anytime we are just hanging out. We enjoy the thrill when every.second.counts....more

Minute to Win It Ice Cream Sundae Challenge and $100 Sweepstakes

I have the best memories of playing games with my family growing up - we'd play Croquet or The Ungame or Clue - my parents were pretty good at setting aside time for family game night.  I don't know if it's because the girls are still pretty young or if we're just too exhausted after work and dinner, but we don't play games as a whole family nearly enough.  Family movie night is more our speed.  When I heard about a new season of Minute to Win It premiering on GSN on June 25, I got inspired to be create a Family Game Night with my family....more

Every Second Counts!

"You know that around here we love the games from Minute to Win It. We've posted about them more than HERE with our $5 Summer Activities for Boys and then again HERE with our $5 Holiday Party Game Ideas. So when we heard about a new season of Minute to Win It on GSN we were pretty excited. And then when Simon heard that he was actually going to get to see a sneak peak of the new season he was over the moon....and it was serious business...sitting up to the counter with a beverage and a snack...all alone so he could ""concentrate"" on the new episode."...more

Minute To Win It Fun For The Whole Family

I was super excited to hear that the Game Show Network (GSN) is bringing Minute to Win It back to TV!  The new season even comes with all new episodes and a new host, Apolo Anton Ohno.  Minute to Win It is such a fun show for the whole family to watch together and the 60 second challenges in each episode make great family night activities and fun games for just about any party too....more

Family Game Night, in a Minute!

We are just getting to the point that our boys (Cooper especially) are wanting to play games. We've done some Spiderman Memory, a little Cootie Bug and even some made-up games. It's always fun to spend some family time together and we're at the age right now that it's fun to "let them win". What isn't that fun, is the same games over and over. We only have so many board games, only have so much space for them and aren't going to buy too many more. But, we needed some spice in the game department....more

No Pressure Or Anything But You Have A Minute To Win It!

Not sure if you all know this, but over here at the old blog, we Dose Girls are a *wee* bit competitive. Not with each other in mean girl kind of way (obvi), but you know, we like to win! Let's just say that the local YMCA strongly suggested we no longer bring board games to play while our daughters are in dance class. Apparently some parents complained it was disturbing the "positive energy of the institution" and "scaring" them. Whatever. Who among us hasn't yelled out "EAGLES CAN TOTALLY BE BLACK!" during a game of Scattergories?! [I still can't believe I let you have a point for that....more

A Healthy Competitive Spirit {And a $100 Giveaway}

My husband has three siblings and two parents, all of whom really enjoy card and board games. They all play bridge and cribbage and this thing called Hand and Foot which is not a disease but a complicated card game you play with, like, eight different decks and points and a teammate. I'm less of a game lover. I play cribbage, badly, because my husband forced me to learn. I like Monopoly for the first hour or so and then get so bored I stop bothering to do math and just throw all my money at whoever has the most hotels....more

Minute to Win It: Fun For the Whole Family & a GIVEAWAY

Do you remember Minute to Win It? Remember how fun it was to watch people make fools of themselves in an effort to complete silly challenges before a minute was up? My husband and I used to laugh our heads off at some of the contestants-- either that, or talk smack about how we were sure we could do a much better job of it. Ha!   Well... great news! The Game Show Network (GSN) is bringing Minute to Win It back to TV and it will be hosted by speed skating champion Apolo Anton Ohno....more

Family Game Night

We're big on games.  We love game shows, athletic events, card games and board games.  In the winter we have family game nights and every spring and summer we relish the warm nights, playing family baseball and kickball until it's time to go in for bed. It's tough to find time to reconnect as a family, and we like games because everyone (usually) has a great time.  We also get to teach valuable lessons about playing fair and learning not to be a sore loser.  ...more