{guest blog} how YOU can fabulously photograph your kids.

i am SO CRAZILY excited to share with you that to the moon n back has it’s first guest blog!
in the fall i packed the kids up for what should have been an hour and a half trek to south western new hampshire. to get photographed by a super duper talented photographer, kate preftakes.

road closures, traffic jams and three + hours later we arrived. saturated in gold fish crumbs, juicy juice and puffy non-napped eyes.

a week later i said a few hail mary’s as i clicked into the online gallery on kate’s website.

and they were miraculous.

grumpy, non-cooperative, messy children; captured as they were, in all their beauty and blunder.

and i wanted prints of each and every one.

so, without further adieu, i’d like to introduce you to kate of kate preftakes photography. with some amazing, anyone-can-do tips and suggestions for taking great photos of your family.

Hello! I am a New Hampshire photographer and mother of three boys. I had the opportunity to photograph Hannah and her beautiful kids last fall. She asked me if I would be a guest writer on her blog and I am so happy to offer some tips for you on photographing your kids.

I’ve been photographing kids for about 10 years now. To say I love it is an understatement but it is also hard work! So much depends on the age and personality of kids and their past experiences with being photographed. They seem to learn at a very young age that it’s not something they want to do! I’ve put together a few tips that hopefully will help you when you photograph your own kids in a natural way.
So here goes!

Some Tips for Photographing Kids that
(usually) work for me!!

Get them involved.

It’s much easier to get a natural picture of a child if you let them explore the setting that you want to have them in and if there’s something of interest for them within the setting of your shot.

Location, Location, Location.

Obviously a child is going to be much more keen to get their photo taken when they’re also having fun. Take them to a beach, or a park, or just outside in the woods and you have not only a beautiful background but a naturally happy child for pictures.

Be Quick!!

Kids like to move and they catch on pretty quickly that you want to take their picture. The best shots usually happen in the first fifteen minutes of a shoot because everything is still new and exciting to them.

Vary Your Shots!

Try to vary your positions while photographing kids. Different ways of shooting convey different moods and emotions. Getting down to a child’s eye level will not only make them feel more comfortable with you but eye-to-eye contact is extremely engaging in a photo. The expressions you capture from the child’s perspective will look much more natural than if you’re hovering over them and sometimes the most endearing shots of kids are just close-ups of their faces.

Be Conscious of Clothing.

Busy patterns or logos are very distracting to a portrait. Keep clothing simple (yet flattering) and try to go barefoot if possible.

Get Close!

I think the best way to tell the story of your child’s life and personality is to do some detail shots. Little fingers with nail polish or dirty feet can tell so much about who he or she is at this age.

Don’t Worry About Getting Big Smiles!

The biggest mistake parents make when photographing their kids is trying so hard to get that smiling, looking at the camera shot. While those are nice, they’re not always realistic and they can end a fun photo shoot really fast. I’ve seen so many times when a child is just being him or herself and the parents are all yelling at the child to look here and smile. It doesn’t take them long to tune you out and get frustrated in the process. Humans have such a wide range of emotions and we should be capturing all of those, not just the smiles!

Have Fun!!!

Kids can really sense stress and if they see you getting frustrated they will not show you’re their natural smiles. Have fun with the process and everyone will benefit.

Don’t forget to document the everyday parts of your lives too. You know, the times when they’re faces are filthy, they’re throwing a tantrum, and the house is a mess. I love documenting my boys’ lives and urge you to try and capture these aspects of your family too. Nice traditional portraits are great, but I believe what we’re really going to want to remember is things that we do everyday together. Everyone tells you before you have kids how fast it goes but man, does it ever!

Good luck and get out those cameras!!

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