Guilt with a side of fries. And supersize that.

What is it with this momma guilt everyone talks about? I mean, did someone have to label it? In any case, at least I have a name for all that weight I carry on my shoulders. Good gracious, I could be accused of bitching again...then we'd have a repeat of anonymous [see here and here for references to anonymous] again. Everyone gasp! I'm about to bitch.

Turn away, turn away.

Things I'm currently feeling guilty about (although the list is ever growing):

* Allowing Adrien to eat as many puffs, goldfish, raisins, and crackers as I do.
* Eating meat.
* Eating pizza for dinner tonight.
* Drinking so much caffeine.
* Not cleaning near as much as I should.
* Not wanting to clean near as much as I should.
* Spending money -- on anything.
* Not giving my husband sex more often.
* Not wanting sex more often.
* Enjoying the internet entirely too much.
* Really wanting one of those Hostess cupcakes my husband insisted on buying.
* Not changing Adrien's diaper more often sometimes.
* Not bathing Adrien more often (he's not filthy, come on!).
* Feeling guilty.
* Buying non-organic milk. Although I do buy milk sans rBGH.
* Buying mostly non-organic fruits and veggies, because hey, let's face it: The grocery stores here have zero selection when it comes to organic produce.
* Feeling like I don't play with my son nearly enough.
* Allowing my son to watch television (omg, I'm rotting his brain).
* The occasional trip to McDonald's I take..that I swore I never would.
* For wanting a hair cut.

I know there are about a bazillion things I'm leaving off.

It's no small feat that any of us go through our days carrying this around and still manage to pack a few kids around on our hips with diaper bags, strollers, and the occasional dog to-boot. Not to mention the husband.

Hercules has nothing on us moms. We kick ass...

...and then feel guilty about it.

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