GUILT TRIP.....Don't Allow Others To Put One On You......


So many people seem to feel guilty for taking care of themselves…..I am amazed….It is sort of a “hidden guilt” that people easily allow others to put on them……We should all be doing all we can to take care of our bodies, Souls, Minds, Relatonships, and any other area of our lives…..And yet, so many people allow others to make them feel guilty when they take time to do so.

Why is that? I think we are all taught early on that we are to work hard…..That play is extra and should only be reserved for certain occassions….I think most people think of taking care of ones self sort of “play” and not real work…..To me this is crazy….For without taking care of ourselves we are simply going to break down and won’t be able to care for anything else…..People allow themselves to break down one way or the other through overload. We need rest and we need to take care of ourselves…..Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty for taking care of yourself as long as you are meeting your other responsibilities…..

One day I was at the gym and I called a friend while working out on one of the machines (I use my cardio time on the machines as talk time too…sort of double tasking) and my friend said “How come you aren’t home cooking dinner….?” I told her that dinner was already made and my house and all areas of my life caught up and perfect…..And yet, she tried to make me feel guilty for taking care of myself….People do this…Why I am not sure….

Also, don’t compare yourself to others….Most people are running around trying to live down to someone else’s expectations of them (did you notice I said “down” instead of “up?”) If you start comparing yourself to their way of thinking you will end up like them. Find positive role models who are taking great care of themselves….

I am not one to play into guilt easily at all…..I don’t allow other people to put their head trip on me…..I realize taking care of me is one of the very best things I can ever do for both me and for those I love….I encourage those I love to take good care of themselves first so they can take care of the rest of their lives…

The truth is most people are broken down by a certain age. They have allowed themselves to be overloaded from all ends in life…..They didn’t take care of themselves. They didn’t make THEM a priority….They allowed others to put a guilt trip on them…..I simply don’t go for  that….

Take care of you. Take time out for you….Responsibly so….So you can be great to others…..You have one body, one Soul, and one mind…..Take care of all 3….It is up to you….and don’t allow someone to make an unjust guilt trip on you for doing so…


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