Guilt Trips

Guilts trips...I don't take them because they are too expensive, the seats are too small, the food is lousy and they always lose your luggage. I spent yesterday with someone doing their damnedest to send me on a guilt trip. They used all tactics, including other people who until I explained things to them had no idea they were being used. The tactics ranged from the typical passive-aggressive things like; 'Well I guess I won't (Insert action here such as eat, sleep etc)' to hints they were drinking and a few more little side trips. I know the person has a bad home life...but they have been given options, ways to help themselves and they refuse to take action on their own behalf.

I cannot devote my every waking moment to being online with this person, I need time to cook, clean and be with other people. Otherwise my health will suffer and I've been there before, not going there again. I dodged each and every bullet with grace and class. I enjoyed a day with my best friend and got to relax. I felt like Wonder Woman with her bullet proof bracelets.

It is now Monday morning, I have coffee, will eat soon, clean a bit (As my not so functioning body will allow anway) and then check on this person...on my time, my terms.


“The wailing owl screams solitary to the mournful moon.” ~ David Mallet


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