Gun Control is an Illusion

I'm a huge proponent of the 2nd amendment.  Just period.  I think a human being who hasn't broken the law has every right to defend themselves, including with a gun, if necessary.  Again, period. 

Gun control advocates, in my opinion, very often operate from a position of deep emotion.  I'm a proponent of emotions, too, by the way...just not when making laws.  Laws shouldn't be made because of an emotional response.  Laws should be made/changed/radified solely based on facts and ,if you live in America, our Constitution.  Nothing more and nothing less.  (Please note that previous line said "facts"...not "truth".  Everyone's truth can be different.)

Here is an article that highlights the facts about what gun control has done in the parts of the US where it's the most stringent:


I hope that every person will take the time to read this article.  Frankly, Yahoo tends to be a left leaning site and that they would print this is pretty unique.  Gun control isn't the answer.  Gun "control" is an illusion.  Don't we have enough of that right now? 


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