Guns n’ Florals

Unfortunately for me one of my best friends lives half way across Canada, but we hardly let that stop us from keeping an extremely close relationship. Not only do we talk on the phone every single day, we send each other 'care packages' every now and then filled with little gifts. Trinkets, magnets, mugs, food, joke underwear, soap. Little things. But they are all so meaningful because they were picked especially for one another. They are never extravagant or over done. But sweet, thoughtful gifts we bought and collected over the course of weeks or months.

So a few days ago I received one of her packages in the mail. It made me laugh and took me by surprise because only she would know me as well as she does to put my all time most coveted magazine 'Romantic Homes' AND 'Rifle Sporting Firearms Journal' all together for me in one sweet little white package. Along with my favourite coconut chocolate bar, a vintage cross magnet and cupcake post it notes. But it made my entire week.

I'm in the process of getting my Canadian Firearms license and I'm in my course this weekend. So for the past two months I've picked out the exact shotgun that I want. One of the only people that would know how much I love shooting guns, collecting tea cups and vintage pillow cases- would be her.

So this weekend while I'm sitting with mountain men, and real cowboys from the states. (Men from the US acquiring their hunting license so they can hunt here) I'll be reading about the four different types of projectile. Spherical, conical, shot and sabot……

I'll be learning carrying positions. (Like I already didn't know)

I'll be learning the do's and don'ts of muzzle loading and how exactly to know you are using the right size ammunition. (Like I haven't heard the story of buddy what's her names wife who used a 12 gauge 7 1/2 with a 2 3/4″ length in the WRONG size barrel and it exploded in her face and now she has a glass eye that wanders) Yes I realize the importance of correctly knowing how to use a gun.

But it's just as important as cherishing your friendship. Do you pour into your friendship what you expect in return? Are you confident your friends know how much they truly mean to you? Do you make time for them, even if it's just a quick phone call? Do you know their love language? (Gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical affection and touch, or acts of kindness) If you have a close friend with a love language spoken through acts of kindness then popping over and dropping off a coffee just to quickly know you were thinking of her, or just to give her a quick hug and let her know that she is loved builds a bond that is in its truest form.

True friendship is solid, uncompromisable and built on trust. Its about giving and nurturing. My love language is gifts. So if I am given something from a pine cone to a cup of coffee to a scarf it fills me with such joy that I must glow. Knowing my friends loved me enough that they thought of me and picked something out as a gift. Even a note in the mail or a card, I love the little things and I keep them forever in my treasure chest under my bed.

I regard and love my friends in immeasurable heaps. I try to show them each how much I am devoted them and need them in my life.

So between hand carved butt-stocks and vintage rose tea cups I flip the pages of my new magazines feeling immense love and I only hope that I show her the appreciation and support she deserves and pray that I give her 'gas' for her 'love tank' through our three hour conversations and Skype dates. (Since I know how much quality time means to her).

I'm so blessed to be surrounded by woman like her.

'We are blessed to be a blessing to others'

Don't you think?





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