Guy Kawasaki's " Enhancer", The Powerful Peg Fitzpatrick Talks Tips, Post BlogHer 2013

Selfie By Peg Fitzpatrick

Note: Guy Kawasaki dared me to do this. I couldn’t resist

At the BlogHer 2013 Conversation Keynote with Guy Kawasaki and BlogHer Cofounder Elisa Camahort Page, Guy shared this tantalizing secret to his social media succes "...The secret to my success on social media is a woman named Peg Fitzpatrick, .. what she does is she takes my Google plus stuff and looks at what else is interesting, and she, shall I say, enhances me. And so now you know that behind every successful man on social media, is probably an amazing woman. So that is Peg Fitzpatrick. And one more thing. Don't you dare freaking try to steal her from me. I will make it my life goal to bury you if you try to steal her from me. She does not have email. She does not have a cell phone. There's no way to get in touch with her" 

Who could resist such a dare? The name Peg Fitzpatrick stuck with me and was still lingering in my mind a few days later, when her name appeared in my HuffPost News feed. Peg was writing about BlogHer . So I did the unthinkable.. Sorry Guy, I reached out to Peg Fitzpatrick. Please Guy, don't hunt me down, don't worry..I can't afford Peg. Woman to woman, I just wanted some of her smart advice and thought it would be cool to share it with thousands of other savvy bloggers who will eat up her wise words. 

Guy Kawasaki's Keynote at BlogHer, was inspiring and empowering to the almost exclusive female blogging audience. In his authentic , positive, conversational way Guy encouraged bloggers to try new things, and to look at old things in a new way. He shared his wisdom, gave great advice, talked about his own work/ life/family balance and generously gave 500 copies of his book APE to aspiring publishers and entrepreneurs.You can read the entire transcript here.It is packed with great advice. If you missed a minute, you missed a lot. 

To follow are my questions, answered directly by the coveted, glorified, mysterious, spark starting, positive vibe producing Peg Fitzpatrick.

Q: In Guy's keynote, he said "There is no scenario under which you should not use your blog and your social media presence to build a marketing platform." For the newbie just getting started, are there any tools you can recommend to ease her entry? 

I would make sure that your blog is set up with social sharing buttons and an easy commenting system. If people can’t hit a share button, they’ll leave without sharing. I use the WordPress plugin Shareaholic Sexybookmarks and LiveFyre for my commenting system. 

For social sharing, I love Buffer. It lets you plan ahead and look at analytics for your shared content. You can set up your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts through Buffer. They also have a great blog with social media tips.

Q: For the experienced social media maven/ blogger- what should she be doing now in social media to expand her audience? 

The biggest thing these days is social SEO. Social media activity such as likes, tweets, shares and +1’s are counting towards your Google search ability. You can improve the Google search ranking of your blog by having more social media activity. Look at social media as an extension of your blog to help more people find your great content.

I would recommend using Google+ to help build your Google social search. It creates a great platform for your blog and you can find people who are interested in your blog focus. There are many photographers and foodies killing it on Google+.

Q: What is the minimum amount of time a blogger should spend per day on social media? And what tools do you recommend to increase efficiency? 

That’s a really tough call, it depends on how many platforms you are using. You should be able to work on your social media in three small chunks (morning, mid-day and evening) so you can post or share something new and respond to people who have tweeted you or commented on a post. Set a time to work on it and don’t get sucked into something that isn’t productive if you have writing to do. I usually go on Pinterest at night after I’ve finished everything else so I can pin and browse without cutting down my productivity.


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