Guy/Girl Codes

The unspoken rules of the sexes..they are the codes that we unconsciously live by and yet how we learn them can be a mystery. Everyone person knows what I am talking about...guy codes...and girl codes.  We can often see these things spoken about on T.V...movies..and sometimes in real life.  

M.T.V. has decided to shine the spotlight on these codes that we as men and women live by. I watch these shows for entertainment...some of the things I am like oh yeah you don't do that or oh yeah you do that...sometimes I just laugh at how obsured some of these concepts are. I tend to love watching Guy Code because the guys are so entertaining and funny.  A lot of the time I wonder if they really mean what they say or if they are just scripted or a bit of both.  I have a hard time believing that any woman would want one of these dudes if everything they say is really how they think and feel. I can see the fame aspect since they are on T.V. but want to date a guys who think they shouldn't cheat because it is too stressful to keep up the lie..or they should cheat but just not get caught?  What is even more fun to watch are things were the truth is actually shown in a short the guys do. One of them Andrew did one about how to live with your girlfriend and take control of your place again. He was taking her clothes out of the closet and throwing them on the bed...taking stuff out of the fridge...taking the stuff she has hanging down..and was putting other items in a box. He was talking all big about being a man and taking control of your place when your girl moves in blah blah. Then once the short was over he said "okay now you need to help me put all this shit back because she will be home in 5 minutes. Seriously dude she is going to be pissed." lol. This was probably one of the few honest truths they have shown on this show lol.

Watching the Code shows I often wonder do we really live by this? Do only a few people live by this or do a lot?  I look at the world today and I wonder sometimes what happened to people. The world has never been perfect but now you start to see how far down we have really gotten.  The majority of people now can't be without their phone...they don't go outside as much or are not as active or they are too is a must have and the newest versions need to be bought....relationships are ruined because of silly things like politics because people can't just debate and agree to disagree...more people are less respectful they don't open doors for people or allow people to take their seat as much anymore...certain parents are too wrapped up in their wants and needs that they don't take care of their children as good as they could are drinking..smoking..and having sex earlier and earlier now.....more adults are struggling with addictions and  sleeping around..marriages are ending earlier and are not learning as much as they could because education is not as valued as it could be . Everyone who reads this has one of these included..I am awful with my phone..I have a habit of checking social media..emails..and texts way too much.  Some people have more downfalls than others...there are no judgements about this from me. People are people..we make our mistakes..and sometimes we can have our sucky times. The point is not to be a downer in this the point, it is with all of these things going on it leads to the point of do these codes really exist anymore? Or is it just entertainment vaule?

Personally I hope that they do still exist...or if they don't I hope one day they come back.  As obsured as they can get sometimes it is nice to just have unwritten rules. For instance you don't go out with your friend's ex....unless you have their permission...and it is genuine permission.  For me these codes tried to provide a respect between the know yes I may not know the girl who is dating this guy. I know that if I was that girl...I would want her to back off my guy when she found out he was taken.  The codes actually valued friendship and relationships that in today's society is missing more and more everyday. Maybe the codes can go overboard and maybe no one is perfect..because sometimes excitement..and..passion can lead us down a path we later realize we shouldn't have taken. At least we can try to follow the codes a little better and make a better effort to respect those we share a gender with, women especially. Too many women are too quick to always blame the women and cause problems...this is why in college dorms...most of the girls changed roommates half way through..where as the guys could have the same one for years. The claws need to retract among the females...the spite..jealousy...and all that needs to just simmer. Let's get back to respecting one another and respecting the unwritten codes that helped keep us in line. 

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