Gym Update #4

Hey there! Hope this Friday treats you well! Nothing by way of exciting or adventurous happened this week when it comes to my fitness goals. I have kept at it though and despite missing a day this week, I'm going to call it a success. After all, what I'm aiming for here is not so much achievement and perfection, but progress. Steady and sure progress equals success to me, right now.

Also, I keep feeling the need to state that I'm not, nor will I, change my diet. I'm eating the same whole foods I was before (sometimes more of them). I have added in at least 1-2 eggs a day for the extra protein and yogurt most days. Everything else is the same. In fact, Wednesday night we had homemade steak pizza! yum!!

On another note, I might have to do a quick review of this book, simply because it's been so valuable to me through the years. Nonetheless, here it is:

The book I've used for years to learn and do Pilates The book I've used for years to learn and do Pilates

And here's my progress this week:

Weight: Earlier this week, I weighed in at 151. I thought that was a little off, but the next day I was only 153-something. Thursday night after the gym, my weight was 154.4. Can anyone say confusing?! It's a good thing I'm not using weight as my primary progress indicator!

Activities: This week, I attended 3 classes. The same classes as last week. Wednesday, after class, I also did Pilates. Tonight, I'll do the regular routine.

Attendance: Again, only 4 days this week. Monday we were busy up in getting this computer together and I did some grocery shopping. (I should probably post about what we did with the computer...). Baby Boy didn't go with me on Wednesday, opting to nap with Hun while I went (#mom win)!

Overall Progress: I noticed again this week my ankles feeling weak. They're weak from lack of constant activity. I changed my shoes on Wednesday and that seemed to help. I think the ankle weakness is just from now doing something different. Besides, being at home with Baby Boy all day, even though I'm barefooted, the strain on my foot/ankle muscles and joints isn't the same. I'm going to keep an eye on this though. Oh, in class on Wednesday, I used a little more weight when we did legs. My abs are continuing to get strong, I'm noticing that as well. I definitely feel my old shoulder injury and have taken Copper to help with that. My body's sore, but the good sore. The kind of sore I really like. It's almost like a reward for me. I think I'm starting to get a little definition in my arms and legs again, too.

Personal Thoughts and Feelings: I"m a little bummed with myself I only went 4 times again this week. Maybe I'll squeeze something in on Saturday, but likely not. After all, I have a family now and need to keep my borderline obsession with the gym at bay. I mentioned to Hun that he's not going and though I understand his reasons right now, it feels a little odd. We're doing the best we can though, that's what I keep telling myself. I didn't notice much of any leakage this week, which is good as I have done a few kegels here and there. My shoulder is still a bit off, I need to amp up the Copper as I slacked on it this week. I'm feeling really pretty good though. Hun is very supportive, as usual. He is also noticing some physical changes and I know I'm a bit calmer in general knowing I get a little time away, yet do something healthy and enjoyable for myself. Oh, I also responded to someone who asked how I was hanging in there. This is good progress, as I'm such an introvert I don't often talk to anyone first. I do think I'm beginning to be recognized a bit in classes, which is helpful. Maybe I'll venture to say something to someone next week...

Although I'm not trying to get back here, specifically, I think I can get closer. I was 125-130lbs and going to the gym about 5 days a week for between 1-2 hours. There are other pictures of me in the archives, maybe I'll dig a few out in this series.....

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