Gym Update #6

I fully intended to go to the gym thus week. Apparently, I once again had write lofty goals. I mean, we were fully ensconced in making these beautiful cloth diapers for a friend of mine, along with all my regular activities (taking care of Baby Boy, blogging, choking, etc.). Somehow I figured I'd be able to fly through the sewing of these diapers.

baby diapers

Then, Baby Boy spiked that sudden fever earlier this week. (Turns out he's getting a tooth!) I had a trip planned to visit my dad and my friend on Wednesday (never saw my friend, had a great time with my dad). That trip lasted much longer than expected.

sick teething

On top of all that, I was running on 3hrs sleep, max, until Wednesday night/Thursday day. Needless to say, another week had gone by. I hate it, but know I made the best choices by giving up some perfection and high expectations of "doing it all".

I see no extra projects on the horizon for the coming week, so back to a more normal schedule it will be. And going to the gym is part of that!!

In the meantime, I did write and publish a post on where I am and how I feel with the body I have today. With that said, I hope being at the gym helps improve my thoughts and feelings about my body.

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