At Habithacker, we believe the art of habit leads to the habit of art. And that creativity thrives where clutter doesn't.

Habithacker is a free service that encourages better habits in household and workout routines so you have more time to be creative.

Habithacker helps you develop new habits in three categories: 
offers daily encouragement for your inner artist (everybody’s got one, you know).
puts domestic life on auto-pilot.
SOS, Sweat or Starve,
helps you laugh  your way to good health.

Habithacker is a gradual program with daily posts that encourage you to get your house, your bod, and your creative life in order. It's not like a regular blogsite in which you subscribe to all posts. Instead, you choose a category and follow 90 days of babysteps before moving onto the next category. And the purpose of all of it, of course, is to enable you to spend time on your rewarding creative ventures.