Hack Attack

Do you worry about the tabloids digging through your garbage, hacking your accounts or stalking you with a camera all in an effort to catch you doing something really naughty? No, you say. That’s too bad--how boring. Hey, who are we to talk, our lives aren't too exciting either, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t super-cautious when it comes to protecting our privacy. We shred sensitive papers.  We use different passwords for different accounts, which we frequently change.  These passwords are composed of a complicated sequence of numbers and letters, and while they are hard to keep track of we do not keep them on our computer desktop in a folder labeled “passwords”. So, if you haven’t changed your passwords recently or thought about how you label and store them, take a minute to do it today. While being exposed in the "News of the World" is no longer a pressing worry, you'll reduce the chances of your private accounts being violated. Trust us, this will save you both aggravation and money! What other security measures do you take to keep your data protected?  


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