Hail to the Liar in Chief

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Years ago, during the Clinton administration, I maintained that you could tell the President was lying by looking at his lips. If his lips were moving, he was telling a lie.


I’ve since stripped Slick Willie of the title of Liar in Chief and bestowed that dubious distinction upon Barack Obama.


These days, ever since I got over my hopes that this man would make his race and his nation proud, I’m constantly astounded by the endless string of broken promises and outright lies this man and his minions spout. I’m even more astounded that so many American citizens seem to be so eager to believe him that they appear to have adopted a delusionary lifestyle.  I’m reminded of a young woman I once knew who caught her husband in the sack with another woman.  This poor desperate wife and mother managed to convince herself that the entire incident was the unfortunate consequence of mistaken identity. Never mind that she was a blonde and the naked woman in her own bed was a redhead. The husband was simply confused.


Desperation will do strange things to an otherwise rational human being.


In the case of America today, we have invested so much faith and hope in Barack Obama that to deem his Presidency a failure would, somehow, reflect upon our initial opinion of the man. He didn’t fail. We did. We, too, are the victims of desperation.


Like Chief Justice John Roberts in his recent bizarre re-invention of Obamacare, we seem have desperately re-defined the entire meaning of Obama’s operative words in order that we might torture and contort the truth into something which fits snugly into the Obama mould.

Obama failed to close Gitmo as he promised he would. He’s failed to keep his “no more taxes for the middle class” promise so thoroughly that those of us who actually are in the “middle class” are now faced with the largest tax hike in the history of our nation – it is we who will be paying the bill for Obamacare. He said the Republicans were waging a war on women, but it is within his administration where women staffers are paid less than their male counterparts. He’s written books which are filled with composite characters, selective truth-telling and plain old fiction where facts are called for. I firmly believe that within Barack Obama’s psyche there is a compulsive need to tell a lie when the truth would make a better story.


The current administration is about sleight of hand. From the top down, this Presidency and its actors are constantly attempting to divert your attention from the dismal failures of leadership toward some fabrication in which those who are mesmerized by the Obama personage may find that Hope and the Change they were looking for back in 2008. Good luck with that.


Those of us who have awakened from the trance and have left the ranks of the somnambulists taking the direct route to the cliff and eventual extinction must band together to try to wake our starry-eyed brothers and sisters. If we fail, we will inevitably find what’s at the bottom of the cliff otherwise known as American annihilation.

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