Hail to Mothers, Women, and... Boobs.

I want to address some real issues about supporting Mothers in the USA:

Women are viewed as:

  • Objects
  • Sex Objects
  • Directly proportionate in "value" to their level of "fuckability"
  • Public Property deserving of public critique and dissection
  • Simple

But women are more. Women can be:

  • Anything
  • a mother
  • a wife
  • sexy

All at the same time.

Part of this problem with supporting mothers in this country is specifically boobs and breastfeeding.

Boobs in the USA are seen as:

  • Something to be covered...
  • Unless you're enjoying your breasts sexually.
  • Private. Sometimes SHAMEFUL!

Nothing more. Nothing more?

How about:

  • Nourishment for babies
  • Milk-producing glands that protrude from the body
  • organs that can produce pleasure when sexually stimulated

Breasts are all of these things. People in this society readily accept that breasts are sexual but it would seem that they have a hard time accepting breasts' inherent purpose: Nourishment for babies.

Sexual function, although usually a more common experience, is a secondary feature of the breasts.

I believe that anyone who thinks breastfeeding is a sexual act like fellatio is a pervert.

You do not need sex to survive, no matter how important it is to you on a daily basis. Babies need food to survive (duh) and should be able to have it provided to them when they are hungry. Would you rather have a wailing baby in a cafe for an hour or 10 minutes of a partially exposed breast being used for what it was made? I'll take the boob sighting.

I plan to breastfeed our children and I will do it in public if there are no clean and comfortable facilities around. If I have a blanket, great; if not, hopefully I have a coat. If not either, oh well. My kid is hungry now and I am going to feed them now. I don't advocate public breastfeeding but I don't condemn it either.

But how do we fix this?

I blame Hollywood mostly for the sexualization of the breast, and I believe they could change the breast back to connotating its versatile status.

I beg for one (JUST ONE!) movie to be made where a mother is seen casually feeding her baby on a bench in a park behind the main scene, and nothing is said about it by anyone in the movie. Just background noise; a common occurence to be seen in a background of life.



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