Hair Bows and Smiles

Hair Bows and Smiles is a lifestyle blog written by myself and supported by my loving boyfriend.  I cover topics from cooking to good books to life in general.  I tackle both sad and happy moments and hope you join me on this journey!


About me from my blog:

Welcome!  If you are reading this it means you've found my blog and that makes me incredibly excited.  To start, my name is Ashley and I am a lover of many things.  I consider myself blessed; blessed to have a wonderful family, a handsome and loving boyfriend, empowering friends and great opportunities.  I laugh loud and often, work hard and long hours and accomplish all I have with a little love and a lot of faith.
I love: my boyfriend, hair bows, french bulldogs, springtime & fall, New York City, praying, Christmas, my family, my friends, daisies & tulips, long runs, Public Relations, writing, reading, relaxing and bubble baths...just to name a few.
In general, I’m a student, daughter,  sister, dedicated girlfriend, lover, optimist, early riser and amateur chef.
This blog is a space for me to share my thoughts, recipes and, in general, my life–both the big and small moments.

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