Hair Color Angst: To Dye or Not to Dye?

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My experience with hair coloring is brief, but memorable. My first stint was in ninth grade when The Thing To Do was to buy a bottle of Jolen facial hair bleach, and paint two chunky streaks into the face-framing locks on either side of one's head to lighten them. The goal was, I believe, to achieve a modern and Friends-esque highlighted hairstyle that said "I am modern and enjoy the show Friends, as evinced by my modern, Friends-esque highlighted hairstyle. Could I BE any more awesome?"

What it ACTUALLY said was "I have colored these here streaks in my hair to be the precise shade of of a Cheez-It Snack Cracker, through the magic of facial hair bleach." Obviously, my parents were appalled, which, naturally, I viewed as a sign of oppression, and/or lack of understanding of Who I Was. Why would they not allow meeee to be freeeee to be meeee? Or something?

You'd think that I'd have learned my lesson, but no, a few short years later, I spontaneously got my hair colored upon seeing a sign advertising $20 highlights. People, let me tell you something. If you ever time you see a sign like that? Just...just run away. My hair looked like J-Woww's from my superfavorite show. And--true story--I actually blocked this whole experience out, and only get reminded of it when I see the (mercifully few) pictures of my disastrous hair during this time period. Once it grew out, I swore off any further hair-dyeing. FO' LIFE.

And really, I stuck to this position for over 10 years, but then I saw 30 Rock last week--in which the gorgeous, flame-haired Julianne Moore guest-starred-- and now, my heart. It yearns. I've seen Julianne Moore onscreen before, but something about her gorgeous locks struck me in that moment, making me think "I need that hair on my own head. NOW."


The thing is, I like my (quasi)virgin haircolor. It's a light brown with some natural golden highlights, and suits my fair skin. See? But...look at Julianne's color! It's red, but not TOO red! It's glowing! It still has a brownish base, so it's not insanely far off from my natural color!

Decisions, decisions.

What would you do, if you were me? Be happy with what you have? Or uncharacteristically throw caution to the wind, and ring in the new year with the first real dye job of your life?

I'd love your input, and (if you are pro-dyeing) any advice you might have for a clueless newbie like me!


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