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My dauPost image for Hair, Naturallyghter, who is thirty-three, recently discovered her first grey hair.

She was horrified!

A few years ago after we moved to the Pacific Northwest I noticed that my once-blonde hair had gotten darker. I blamed it on the lack of sunshine in this area and decided to get foil highlights so I could return to a semi-blonde state.

I always felt good after getting new highlights. I thought I looked younger, happier, and fresher with more blonde in my hair.

But recently, I decided to stop getting highlights. I’m striving to live a more natural life and the idea that I could be allowing chemicals to get into my system just to have my hair colored wasn’t sitting right. I’m also learning to embrace being fifty-three and all that comes along with it. And I hadn’t even considered the money I would save by this change. My trips to the hair salon now cost a fraction of what they did when I was getting foils.

As I’ve been watching as the highlights grow out I’ve been wondering how much grey hair I might have that was hidden by the blonde. Actually, I’ve been hoping for a significant crop of grey hair because it will lighten my dark tresses naturally; I’m hoping it comes in silver or white.

Interesting, isn’t it? That my daughter was horrified to find a grey hair and I’m hoping to find more of them.

Imagine a world where grey hair is looked upon as a good thing, a badge of honor, a symbol of wisdom attained, an indicator of someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

Imagine a world where we all stop coloring our hair and learn to love and accept ourselves the way we are–warts, grey hair, and all.

I think I’d like that world.

How about you?

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