Haircut from Hell

Since I didn’t have the entertaining of the family to do, on Saturday I went to the mall to get my hair cut. I asked my regular hairdresser to duplicate a cut I had a few years ago, which looked awesome. She didn’t quite get the layers short enough. Therefore, I decided to go somewhere fancy for a trim.

Yeah, they accidently trimmed my hair into a mullet, and then had to cut the back off to make the mullet no longer a mullet. My hair is wavy, which means on me short bangs reach for Jesus before collapsing under their own weight. I look like I am trying to single handedly bring back the 80s. No, come to think of it – I look like a middle-aged mom who doesn’t have a CLUE her hairstyle hasn’t been in fashion since Ghostbusters was in the theaters.

Seriously, the closest thing I can find to my haircut is the unholy union of these two:

bad hair cut hayly mills

Jesus take the wheel.


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