the Hairy Situation

I wanted Guy A and I thought he wanted me.  At work we flirted all the time and it was the touchy feely kind of flirting.  And finally another opportunity arose. My friends and I were going out, his friends weren't old enough so I offered for him to join. He accepted and we planned on him staying the night at my house. I planned on the perfect outfit for that evening. A black one shoulder dress and heels. There was no way Guy A was going to be able to resist me. I wanted to have sex with him but knowing I shouldn't I didn't shave my lady parts to discourage myself, a chastity belt was what I wound up needing that night. Once out, we all had a blast, and plenty to drink. I don't remember the ride home but I can recall everything that happened once Guy A and I walked through my bedroom door. 


We both got changed, I went to the bathroom and came back half clothed;  a lace bra and panties under my pajama pants. Guy A had his shirt off, boxers on and was laying bed. I laid next to him, resting me head on his chest. We talked about our families and then something happened. I sat up and he gave the look. And I when I say the look I mean he gave me 'The Look' aka we were about to lose the last few pieces of clothing we both had on. Next thing I know we' we making, naked under the sheets. Damn it, I should've shaved or better yet said no lol I can not complain , that was some of the best sex I had. He was a giver if you know what I mean, and I was hesitant to let him near my lady parts. But when he kissed me from my lips on downward, there was no way I was going to stop him, his touch was amazing for being 19 and he didn't seem to mind the hair. 


Just when him and I were about to have that important possibly awkward talk about the night before my roommate comes into my room, just as Guy A was opening his mouth to say something, something I'll never know. I could feel my grasp on him fade away as my roommate chatted on and on. 


As agreed we gave him a ride back to his car and I wish I say that was the end of the story. One my friends spots what seems to be a tiny black hair on Guy A's tooth, a pube. I was mortified, there was no one else it could belong to. My roommates cracked up, I wished I could've melted away lol. 


I couldn't stop thinking about what happened in the car. Guy A and I were scheduled to work that evening together. Normally I wouldn't be worried about seeing someone I slept with not too much later, but EVERYBODY gossips at the country club. And I'm very open but the now called pube story need not ever be mentioned. And it was. Guy A' friend came up to me to talk about the sex and the hair. Apparently Guy A said I initiated it. I didn't not, my fear of rejection is known so the friend believed me when I disputed the claim. However when he mentioned the hair on tooth,  I said how would that be possible, the friend knew I preferred a bald who ha lol so I lied and said it wasn't mine. He said Guy A doesn't always tell the exact truth.  I still wanted to crawl into a hole. 


I never mentioned the story again, I never went out with Guy A again, and my vagina is shaved for every outting after that lol 

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