Half Marathon Coming Up

This Saturday is the half marathon.  I'm planning on running in it, but I'm sure not going to set my goals too high!

Before, I'd wanted to train and prepare for it, but then my knee was swollen so I've been laying off the running.  The furthest I've ever run was last weekend's eight mile race which went well, but left me exhausted.  That race, however, was primarily uphill with three miles being a slight incline, two being decently substantial and the last three beginning the process of heading down.  This weekend's race is all flat ground for the most part.

I have a cold that I thought I was recovering from, but today I find that I am achy so perhaps I'm not as far along in the recovery process.  I assume that by Saturday I will no longer be achy, but I will also not really be physically ready.

I didn't go to the gym yesterday or today and I can see opting for sleep tomorrow morning over the gym.  Hopefully I'll get in a good walk to stretch things out a little bit.

Other than that....Saturday will be An Experience.  It will also give me a baseline number for my very first half marathon and probably a lot of awareness about what I'll do next time - or if it's even something I want to try again.

Earlier this week, I began wondering if I should use music.  I tried out songlists in my head going to sleep and the next day at the gym, I tried to listen, but couldn't really relax into it.  I think I'm better off just running the 13 miles with my own head for this race and trying out headphones and playlists in the future.

And that is life in my home.

My kids are about to fall asleep for a nap.  I have a six inch veggie sandwich from Subway waiting for my starving famished stomach and then either a burst of energy to get things done or a collapse onto the sofa in hopes of getting back up feeling healthy and rejuvinated.



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