Hall Closets: The Disgrace of the House

That may be a little dramatic but it’s true. The hall closet just becomes the catch all for everything else that doesn't have a home. You can’t see all the nooks and crannies and things get lost. Kitchen things and food go in the kitchen, clothes go in the bedroom but the hall…who knows what lurks there. 

After our second move to Charlotte this October (and eleventieth move overall since we’ve been married), I was unpacking and sorting through our stuff for what seemed so long. I had finally put together the rooms, the kitchen, the bedroom closet and the laundry room. And then I was burned out.

I reached a breaking point and did a big no-no. One of the biggest no-no’s of all. 

I just…stuffed the rest of it in the hall closet and quickly closed the door before it came tumbling out. For shame! My mother would have been horrified. Sometimes, you just have to get on with your life and finish the rest of the organizing in pieces. That, I am pretty sure, she would have agreed with. 

A month or so later, I decided it was time to tackle the closet. The problem was this: Not only was it messy, but I had 3 times as much stuff outside of the closet hiding at my in-laws’ house that I also needed to some how get in there. How did this happen? I preach all day long of the liberation of purging and I can’t even fit everything we have in our own apartment. 

I decided to start with whittling down the closet as much as possible; working on the stuff at the in-laws is a project for another day and another post. 

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----Carly Porter


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