Halle Berry or Halle Bitch: In Defense of a Cub: Judge Orders Berry to Pay Gabriel Aubrey $20,000 a Month Child Support

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Halle Berry or Halle Bitch: In Defense of a Cub


 - T.S. Dickey Commentary,                            National Association of Prime CougarsR

Prime Cougars are older women who date younger men, responsibly.  In so saying, we do not seek to destroy their lives once we are no longer dating or together.  And, what’s even more important is Prime Cougars who are mothers take that role in their lives doubly responsibly. Either we will have a son who may one day - date an older woman or we may have a daughter who may one day - date a younger man.  Either way, our behavior will influence our children positively or negatively.

As a cougar, Halle Berry has exhibited one of the major negative behaviors any woman can showcase against her ‘baby daddy’ – claiming that he’s dangerous to my child.  When younger women use children as weapons against their fathers, mostly due to control issues [no matter what the origin causing the behavior], the child is the one who suffers due to perhaps a level of immaturity on the part of the controlling parent.  When an older woman exhibits the same behavior on a much younger man, using her maturity, money or power (no matter what the origin supporting the power), she is fulfilling the definition of a human bitch.

According to Encarta Dictionary: English (North American) a bitch is a taboo expression which is a highly offensive term for a woman that deliberately insults her temperament; 1) be nasty about somebody or to talk about somebody who is not present in an unpleasant or malicious way (slang). 

I admit, most of what I am viewing in the public domain, on a personal basis, is Ms. Berry’s slant on how, all of a sudden, after ‘dating’ Kim Kardashian, Gabriel Aubrey (the Cub) is now an unfit father.  One would think, since motherhood came so late, that guiding the emotional security of your young child might take precedent over jealousy and vindictiveness.

Yes, I am not only stepping out on this issue mainly because I am a proponent of dating younger men responsively; but I am also an advocate of doing cougar right.  Who we are and what we are about is under scrutiny by our young men’s mothers.  No matter how much power men deal in the business world, women wheel the power in the family environment. 

Selfish older women give us a bad name and if Halle Berry was dating my son, mother to his child and behaved in such a manner as to discredit him as a father (with no substance), I would be one of those older women, in the capacity of my motherhood, who would want to wipe the floor with her.  Pictures paint a thousand words and every picture with his daughter shows Mr. Aubrey as a doting and caring father.  The child appears to be totally confident within the company of her Daddy. 

Yet, as she gives such discredit to Gabriel Aubrey, Halle Berry is going public with her new man as if only she has that privilege.  How comfortable is her daughter in this new environment?  Where is the nasty comeback from Mr. Aubrey?  It is nonexistent, by his own statement because he does not want his daughter harmed in the future by his words.

Yes, her public breakups with David Justice, Eric Benet` and now Gabriel Aubrey ring of the same played out song – it’s their entire fault.  But reality check here, the only common denominator in this equation is Berry, herself.  As a mother, this is when responsibility comes in to play: What is best for my daughter?  A doting, loving father who is willing to do battle with you over his right to be a father or revenge on a man that is no longer yours?  Do I want my daughter to be without her father the way I was or would having a committed father spare her the anger I may or may not harbor to this day?

Since women hold the power in family relationships, this burden of elective responsibility falls on the mother’s shoulder.  However, in this case, Mr. Aubrey appears to be a father who will shoulder the elective responsibility himself in wake of what is best for his daughter.

As to Halle, are you a Berry or a Bitch?  The Berry in you should rise to the occasion and embrace your motherhood over jealousy, anger, revenge.  As a Bitch, jealousy, anger, and revenge will embrace you.  The answer to the question is simple, at best.  Which one serves your daughter better? 

Perhaps a better question is – Do you really want to deny your daughter her father?   After all you claim not having your father around was so painfully devastating why would you deliberately try to pass on the same kind of pain to your daughter?

I’m just sayin……..




Comments pulled from http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31749_162-57457769-10391698/halle-berry-ordered-to-pay-$20k-a-month-in-child-support-to-ex-gabriel-aubry/


by RichZubaty June 21, 2012 12:24 PM EDT


Glad to hear it. Equal treatment of men.


by RetiredArmy_Nurse June 21, 2012 11:54 AM EDT

Well, at least the court ordered the child support payment to the father for a change. Fathers are often treated very badly by the court and that is something that needs to change. Also userous child support payments need to be curtailed. No kid needs $20K a month in support. It may cost a bit more to raise a rich kid than a poor kid, but $240,000 a year in TAX FREE money, plus the ability to take the kid as your dependent is ridiculous. Who really gets the benefit of all that cash? It is the custodial parent and usually the Mom who spends most of it on herself, while denying Dad visitation at the same time.


by Hale_Caese June 21, 2012 12:45 PM EDT


nah, dont change the rule now that there is some parity....Let the women start feeling the sting and then everyone will want to change the corrupt child support system.


by fairjusticeforall June 21, 2012 1:59 PM EDT


I agree with everything you said about men getting the shaft and women using this as a tax-free ATM for decades is wrong. I find it very fitting that you came to this conclusion only after a man is treated fairly in dviorce court for once. Maybe if you had been an advocate before it started to equal out then we would believe you. Stick it to them guys before they stick it to you-marry rich women and divorce them and take HALF! I have women utter that word forever, now its the mans turn-HALF OF EVERYTHING


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