Hallelujah! Teens still prefer face-to-face

Breathe a sigh of relief. Most of us who have raised kids born of this high tech generation–and gone hoarse yelling at them about the small device glued to their hands–know what I’m talking about.

A recent poll conducted by Ericsson, a global telecommunications corporation, surveyed over 2,000 teens, asking them to rate their preferences when it came to communication.

For teens aged 13 to 17, the use of Facebook and other social media, as well as texting and mobile phones is fast replacing use of the home phone or landline. No surprise there. It is for part of the older generation as well.

The heartening part of the survey stems from the answers give when the focus group was asked what of the top three forms of communication they would miss the most.

The majority (58 percent) said “face to face meetings.” Second was texting with 28 percent. Third was tied between Facebook and mobile phone conversations both with 5 percent.

Interesting sidebar, those same teens, while they admit to loving Facebook, they don’t view it as anything more than a “tool”–another way to communicate with friends but supplemental to texting and getting together in person. They don’t add strangers as friends on their Facebook pages, unlike some adults I know. And to them, having more than 350 friends is considered “weird.”

You can check out the report by clicking here.

I read about the study on FellowGeek.com, which is an offbeat website that posts some compelling if not obscure stories worth checking out.

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