Halloween Costumes for Couples

Halloween will be here before we know it, so here are some fun costume ideas for couples!

1. Barbie and Ken-For those of you that like to be really crafty, this is the perfect costume for you.  Make sure you have 2 boxes big enough to fit over your bodies and cut a rectangle in the front of each, this will be your window.  Spray paint the box pink and be sure to write MATTEL on the front. Mark one box as BARBIE and one as KEN.   Both of you should get really dressed up and just put the box on.   Side thought-if you want to go as Malibu Barbie, you can just wear your bathing suit:)

2. Biker couple-Easy and cheap to create this costume. Pull out your leather jacket, or pants if you have them, and make sure to tie a bandana around your head. DONE!

3. Bonnie and Clyde-If you have to dress up for work everyday, you could transform one of your suits.  Head to Target to buy a few plastic guns and a fedora, and you’re set. Guys, don’t forget to wear the suspenders like every good gangster does.

4. Danny Zuko and Sandy from Grease-Again if you have a leather jacket, or pants-wear them! By the end of the night, the whole party will be signing, “Greased Lightning” 

5. Joe Dirt and Brandy-Guys LOVE Joe Dirt, and you can find the mullet wig at any costume shop. Ladies, this is actually a comfortable costume for us-cutoff jean shorts!


6. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head- If you are done with the barely there outfits, this is for you! Buy the t-shirt and throw on some jeans. Voila!

7. Police Officer and Convict- You can try to make these costumes, but we recommend going to the store and buying them. The fun part of this costume is that either of you can be the cop or convict:)

8. Nun and Priest -  We think the pregnant nun is funnier.

9. Sonny and Cher-Head to any vintage shop to find bell bottoms and a flowery shirt.  Make sure you find a long black wig for Cher and pick up a mustache at Spencer’s Stores for Sonny.

10. Spartan Cheerleaders-Never goes out of style!





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