Halloween molding our future!

Thanks to the Bratz line up of 'Children's Costumes' (they included Children in the name not me) Halloween is now your chance to exploit your child, prepare your young girl for a lifetime of lap dances, or just be That Mom!
I hate to pass judgement on people I really really really can not understand what would go through a parent's head to put their young child in one of these Halloween costumes.  
And I know it happens we saw a child (5 yrs old) a couple years ago in a Beer Garden girl costume complete with barely there skirt, thigh high stockings, and braided pigtails.
Guess this is why stores are selling push up bikini tops in the 6yr - 11yr category or lace nighties in toddler sizes.
When did it become accepted to dress our young girls like young adults and hookers!!!
Okay, I am going to step down from my soap box now but cant wait to see what everyone else thinks of these costumes.

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