Halloween Sign

During some of my late night internet ADD (start looking for a recipe and then an hour later, I have pinned 400 other things and have 45 tabs open), I stumbled upon this blog.  I really liked her creation and remember seeing something similar with just pumpkins.  I still want to do the pumpkins too, but in the mean time, I did this one.  
Lucy and I painted the wood and Matt screwed it all together for me.  I am pretty proud of this.  It's one of my favorite projects that I have ever done.  And I mean look, it is pretty awesome!
Start of the day.  Almost all the wood I used came from our scrap piles in the garage. The two larger pieces I got from the scrap pile at Home Depot for $.50 each. 


Lucy and I painting





Angry face because she was being interrupted


Angry smiley face


Our supervisor


Lucy helping Matt screwing the wood together.
I used some old corks that I saved for the stems. I just painted them green, and attached a pipe cleaner to each of them. 


Hand painted faces


Hand painted.  Lucy still thinks he needs a bow tie like the original. 


Final project. The "Happy Halloween" was cut out with my cricut and then mod podged on to the front. 


Final price for this project:
Wood: id="mce_marker"
Paint: four sample cans from Home Depot id="mce_marker"2
Corks: free (already owned)
Pipe cleaners:  free (already owned)
Screws: free (already owned)

And lucky for me, I have a bunch of paint left over, so I have so many more projects that I get to do!

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