#HalloweenCake – Four Colors – Recipe

#HalloweenCake – Four Colors – Recipe


I made this Halloween Cake last night and I didn’t really mean for the layers to be so thick. It’s enough cake for about 15 people. lol


halloween cake colors88
This is the inside.  It’s two cake mixes. You can use whatever flavors you like.  The food coloring will color just about any flavor, except chocolate.  This Halloween Cake has a coconut flavored mix and an orange cake mix.  We like both of these, so I picked two different ones.  I used the coconut flavored mix for the yellow and purple.  Then the orange one for black and orange, of course.  
I bought the frosting, but you can make your own.  I have a recipe for homemade white frosting. 
To put the frosting on, I used a frosting knife and tried to get it real smooth.  Then made those lines on the top to be like a pumpkin with the edge of that knife.
halloween cake

Halloween Cake 4 Colors