Hallway Busking at BlogHer ’13 (BuskHer13!)

It’s so easy and tempting to complain about not having a loud enough voice, about not being heard. But the simple fact is that if I haven’t been heard, the only reason is because I haven’t earned it yet. I need to find my voice and find my stage.

All the world is a stage. When did I forget that line? Was it somewhere in the past ten years of working in a cubicle? Was it earlier, during college, when I chose to focus my energy behind the stage rather than upon it?

All the world is my stage. I have something to share, something that I want to give to others. I’ve taken risk after risk to create this thing, so why am I hesitating to take one more risk?

I’ve had an idea that’s been stewing in my brain for a few weeks. It’s kind of a big, scary idea. Like my idea for the original Kiss Chronicles project, it started out small. “I want to do a reading from my book.” So I thought about how I might do that. I asked around, but I haven’t heard of any open mic opportunities. I know there are other authors who will be holding reading/signing parties, but they have sponsors and venues and that traditional publishing thing going on. I’m an oddball indie author, and my only resources are me and my text. So what can I do?

Well, there’s always the hallway.

But how boring would it be if I just read a passage of my book off my phone while standing in the hall? Oh no. No no no. If I’m going to find my stage, really perform for the first time in over a decade, I’m going to do it right.

I’ve decided to memorize a section from my book. And I’ll perform it and maybe a few other tidbits of literature. In a hallway. At BlogHer ’13.

See? Scary.

Hallway busking. Challenge conceived, challenge accepted. It doesn’t matter whether I have 0 people listening, or 10, or 20 — I’m doing this.

All the world is a stage. Let me be your jester.

Tentatively, I intend to do my busking Friday evening, but I’ll get the time and location figured out as the conference draws near. I’ll tweet with the hashtag #BuskHer13.

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