Handing Out Roses

The last time I left you I had just completed the first dates with three guys I met through craigslist, Mike, RJ, and Daniel. If we are keeping with the Bachelorette theme, it would be time for a rose ceremony and another week of dates. Mike would get a rose, because he's sweet and just the type of guy I grew up dreaming of. {Then Chris Harrison would pop in and announce this is the final rose.} RJ would get the rose, because he's different and the kind of guy I have been dreaming about recently. {Again, Chris Harrison, "Daniel, I'm sorry. Take a moment, and say your goodbyes."} Daniel sealed his fate when he went for the extended dry hump session. I just couldn't get over how weird that was, and if that was date one, what would the other dates have in store? I don't want to find out. Sorry Daniel, you're a great guy and it was nice getting to know you, but I just can't give you this rose. 

Left with two men to juggle, I thought I was going to be seeing Mike next, on Sunday. However, Saturday afternoon RJ contacted me wondering if I wanted to hang out that night. So Saturday night, I met RJ at his house for a few drinks and a movie. Yes, just a movie. We ended up watching Django, a story about slavery where Jamie Fox plays the hero and Leo DiCaprio is the villan. It was a good film, gory, as Quentin Tarantino was the writer and director, but good nevertheless. After we watched loads of people get shot and their blood splattering against everything, I talked RJ into wanting pizza. I know we had pizza on the first date, but it happens to be my favorite food and if a guy is down with eating pizza on the regular than he passes in my book. We hopped in his car and went downtown to Georgios Pizza where they serve pizza by the slice - the BIG slice. Being a fat kid at heart I ordered two, and ate every last bite. Subsequently, I entered into food coma. We made our way back to his place and were just talking in his living room when RJ decided it was the right moment to go in for the first kiss. I know it sounds like an awkward moment for it, but it wasn't. It was romantic and I loved it. He offered me his bed to sleep that night and we tried to fall asleep but since he was tossing and turning so much I knew it wasn't going to happen with me there. I left sometime around 3 am and slept in my own bed instead. 

Waking up on Sunday I felt excited about the events of the night before. Like a school girl, I had a pretty big smile on my face still. Although I knew I had tentative plans with Mike for later that night, I couldn't stop thinking about RJ. Trying to be fair to Mike ,I texted him to see what he was thinking for the day. To my surprise, he wasn't remembering the discussion we had about hanging out Sunday night but he said he would me know if he could. We ended up not hanging out in the end because of busy scheduling so I decided to go to Stellas for karaoke.

I'm not sure when (or even if) I'll see Mike again and, honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that. RJ is a really great guy and I would love to keep seeing him {regularly} but I don't want to throw in the towel with Mike yet. 

I guess all I have to say now is, I hope Mike and RJ will except the roses.

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