Handling your ‘celebrity’ status as a new twin parent

The first time I pushed my big red twin pram outside the house, I quickly discover that the world loves twins (or at least it felt that way). Little old ladies, clucky women, children, pregnant women and even old grandpas would stop. Some would stop and stare and others stop, stare and then go through the blazingly-obvious-face-palming twin comments. And when you’re exhausted and tired from doing all-nighters with your itty bitty bubbas, patience is at an all time low (especially if bubs are sleeping and their interest is a little on the loud side). To avoid being rude, I learnt a few tricks:

-          Cover your pram with thin muslins so that your twins are hidden. It’s easier to convince that friendly stranger in the grocery shop that they’re sleeping when they’re hidden (even if they’re not)

-          Walk faster than the little old grannies. Walk like you’ve got a poo-nami happening in the pram right now and if you don’t move, things are going to get messy. This works most of the time but I have had one grandma run with me as she went through the list (Twins? How wonderful! Boy and girl? Identical? My mum’s aunt’s cousin was a twin....)

-          If you can’t escape the mob then just smile and nod. Most friendly-twin-obsessed strangers are talking at you not to you. No need to wake up your sleep deprived addled brain. Your numbed silence will eventually make the other person feel awkward when they don’t get a reply and they’ll eventually leave you be.

I always feel for the new twin mama when I see her out and about. And mamas of  higher multiples??? I am in awe!


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