14 chances to win $500 for Just My Size® apparel!

Just My Size recently invited 14 BlogHer Reviewers to shop the JMS® line of apparel at Wal-Mart. Dedicated to plus size women, JMS produces comfortable, fun-to-wear essentials that fit today’s women’s modern lifestyle.

See the stylish clothes the bloggers purchased by following the links below. Share a comment on each blog for a chance to win a $500 Wal-Mart gift card to have a JMS shopping spree of your own!

Allie of My Wardrobe Today,“really liked their graphic tees – many had metallic touches to the prints and they came in some pretty fabulous colors.”  Check out her photos wearing these tees.

Deb of Mom of 3 Girls shares that she, “tried on a mix of shirts, shorts and pants – and was glad to have found a lot of items that I’d noticed and liked previously on the JMS website when I tried out the Mix &  Match tool there.

Swistle was so thrilled  “to find a bunch of stuff IN MY SIZE, I even tried on a denim miniskirt. I KNOW, RIGHT??”  Check out the photos of her new look.

Nika of Nikas Culinaria likes that “the sizing was quite consistent from one type of clothing to the next. I am an extreme, no- nonsense sort of shopper and have no patience (or time!) to deal with clothing that is marked one size and is actually totally not that size once I get into the dressing room.

Dawn of This Woman’s Work really liked “the lace at the top of the camisoles and they’ll look great with a long skirt during the summer and under a v-neck sweater come winter.” 

Kate of Fab50 was torn between “the cute drop waist gauze shirt in pumpkin, the tie-dye dress with the wood bead medallion at the bust, the white gauze shirt with the embroidery and the drop waist, The tie front shirt…" See what else she loved.

Melody of Cheat Day Cafe is excited by her new JMS wardrobe. “It always amazes me how different I feel about myself when I wear something flattering, feminine and FUN! I feel like I am saying something about myself: I am worthy. I am confident. I feel good!"

Megan of Megan’s Minute had a great time shopping. “The pieces are lightweight, very casual, very easy to wear, and very affordable.  In the summer, whenever I'm sitting in my backyard, doing a little gardening or running errands around the neighborhood, I'm comfortable in JMS fashions.”

Anne of Happy Fun Pants shares, “wasn't a capri girl when I walked in the store, but I decided to try them anyway.  Yoga pants? Check.  Stylish jeans? Check.  Trendy tops?  Check. My cart overfloweth.”

Barbie of The ‘Ssippi Scoop recently said, “Remember me saying I would always have to dig to find clothes that didn’t look like something my best friend’s grandmother would wear?  Well, not a chance of that with Just My Size.

(The) Jebbica not only liked their attention to detail and embellishments but “was extremely pleased with the look and feel of the JMS clothing. And the price, considering the price tags of some of the other plus-sized retailers, was extremely reasonable.”

Angie of Big Red Couch asks, “Have you ever walked into a store and knew from the moment you stepped foot inside the door there was absolutely nothing that would fit you? That doesn't happen any more. Not since I found Just My Size. I know without a doubt I am going to find clothing and accessories in my size.”

Erica of Brick House of Style “found the entire line of sportswear to be ultra affordable.  The tops, leggings and shorts were very soft and size-friendly, with lots of vibrant colors.  I was surprised to see that many of the pieces featured details like ruching, ruffles and even studs.”

Former Fat Chick reveals that she started, “piling the stuff into my cart and head to the fitting room-to face the dreaded mirrors. Guess what? I look damn cute! …I look like a happy woman wearing cute clothes that actually fit and are flattering. Who knew?!


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The sweepstakes runs from August 4, 2010 to August 31, 2010 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules.

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