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So I am Day 18 into turning my negative thoughts around.  No easy feat, let me tell you.  There are a few things that are coming easier to me though.  Before it was hard to find at least one thing to be happy about in this crazy world of loneliness.  My challenge to myself was that I needed to find one good thing about each day and write it on this blog.  Another was to find another good thing, and stick a good thing that happened each day into a blessing jar.  So I've slipped a bit on the blessing jar.  I will catch up tomorrow.  Promise.

The promise was more for myself than whoever is reading this blog.  Regardless, it is coming easier for me to find happy things to think about.  One of the tools I have found within the past 18 days is the "Happy" App for your iphone.  My sister-in-law sent me an invitation because it is her goal too to become less stressed and happier this year.  I thought, "What the heck.  It can't do anything but help", and help it did!

Everyday I get on that app to see who has posted what has made them happy that day.  You know it is just the mundain things that make people happy:  walking dogs, a cup of coffee in the morning, yummy meals or spending time with friends.  It made me realize there is happiness all around in the ordinary things, despite the heartbreak and the heartache.  And there is this confetti that comes down all full of color when you share your "happy" moment of the day.  It seriously makes me smile!

This isn't a rah-rah, let's get happy blog!  This is just my journey, and hopefully someone else's too that maybe might help along the way.  Try the app.   It is pretty great.  My happy moment I shared of the day and is my good thing for today on here too is I had a pretty rockin' breakfast for an hour at one of my favorite spots:  eggs benedict with hashbrowns and fruit.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!  I also went grocery shopping, which I had to sit down twice in the middle of it, but hey, that's another story.  That was because I've been sick.

I instituted little things here and there to keep me occupied in me trying to get to know me being alone with just God.  You see my deepest wish, deepest desire is to be married to a Godly man who loves me just for me.  That one person would be my family, and I his, but I don't get to have that, so I am learning to be alone with just God.  That isn't to say it isn't hard, nor is it easy.  It just is.  I was thinking this evening about love and this is what I have come up with:  Love is a dream for some, even a reality; but for others-it is a myth.

I believe I am of the latter.  I don't say that easily.  I say that numbly-for right now.  Just two months ago it was through agony and buckets of tears.  I still cry, like the other night when I watched "Grey's Anatomy".  But I am learning, crawling and inching my way through this process of just being content with God.  One of the things I have instituted is movie night.  I now just watch a movie on Saturday nights.  It is a special movie that I have saved for just Saturday night.  I will add it to my every other Friday night dinners out, my every other movie days out, and my cooking on the weekends.

Speaking of cooking.  I meant to bake bread today and share the recipe, but I took a nap instead.  So tomorrow be on the look out.

Until tomorrow,


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