Happiest Time of the Year…Or Is It?

We've all heard the Christmas song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams. Being that the holidays are in full swing, I'm sure it's one of many you'll hear over and over again, whether on the radio while you're driving or in the shopping mall looking for last-minute gifts. The song sticks with you, and you can't get it out of your head—even when you seem to be overstressed and in a bah humbug mood.

No judgment with regard to the mood, Christmas and the holiday season as a whole are stressful. It's also an emotionally challenging time for people. With the current economic situation it can be downright depressing, even for those who have a great deal for which to be grateful.

Depression hits us when we least expect it, and the holidays can trigger some deeply rooted emotions which we've yet to deal with, admit to or let go of. A few people have good external reasons to be depressed. Let me share an example: a true story that was shared with me this morning.

A family with four young children just used its savings to move from a two-bedroom apartment into a four-bedroom, two-bath apartment with the intention that they can provide a more comfortable living situation for the children. It's nothing extravagant and both parents are employed, so the leap of faith was taken.

The wife left to spend the last few days with her dying brother. She came home grateful for what she had, which wasn't much. But she had her children, husband and job. Within a week of returning and moving into their new apartment, both she and her husband lost their jobs. Now, just a few weeks before Christmas, they have no income and virtually no savings, and they're looking at not being able to make the rent at the first of the month.

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