Happiness Is...

...on the decline for women according to a study on HuffingtonPost.  Maureen Dowd, who's never pretended to be happy
puts on her own spin.  I like Dowd, she's bitter and a stereotypical
NY'er and very good at her job. I begrudge her nothing, she's honest.

So what happened. Quello che è successo? This
study started in the 70's when women were 'officially' allowed to find
their independence, but let's not discount those that did prior to
permission, in fact, the one's I know seem relatively content, but
let's review the Study and play along.

Possibly it has something to do with the stress and materialism of 'having it all', and more importantly, 'wanting it all'
Per esempio. I started making a 6 figure income in my late 20's, that
was heady stuff, but while sitting across from my friend,
 Norman Durkee, having
lunch at the Queen City Grill on 1st Ave in Seattle, which we did for
years, he uncovered my secret, I wasn't happy. I'd always made him
laugh until I didn't.

great, but it doesn't love you, maybe one might benefit by lowering
their expectations. Also I'm grateful I was surrounded by women who
lived on the 'who's who' lists.  When I achieved good grades and ranked
in tennis, I received encouragement from Muv and letters from friends'
mothers, applauding accomplishment. I knew independence was a necessary
need for me and thanks to the times, I did.  But,
I never wanted to 'have it all'.  I know many women
that 'have it all' and they've no monopoly on happiness, and one could
argue many have had to exchange the very  currency in
order to 'Have It All'. Again, I begrudge them nothing, they're bizzy.

per previous post, I decided to have a chat with the young woman in the
marina office.  She took calls and carried out her business but kept
coming back to the counter if only because I wouldn't leave but I could
tell she enjoyed the topic.  It's also a tricky one for Italians, not
only because of the traditional cultural issues, but because like the
French, they rather like their 'soft' and 'hard' power behind the
She said feminism came
much later but still, women are encouraged to remain 'quiet', unless
they're on Silvio's variety shows.  In response to my specific
questions about 'the backlash' via Silvio, she said they simply
resented all the nakedness 24/7.  Italians, like most Europeans are
relaxed about their bodies, lord knows life is casual around here, but
she said they didn't want to see it all day long on the tele.

I asked her about Oriana Fallaci, and
another woman joined in. I was looking to find 'strong' Italian icons
that we could discuss alongside Sophia and the usual suspects. We all
agreed on Oriana, she was a bit too pro-american/9/11, too anti-arab,
too reactionary, but she was cool and made her mark. I suppose for both
men and women, business is 'complicated' here, but still more so for
the opportunistic female persuasion.

Happiness, studies, who knows...but
when I see these two women, which I do almost daily, chatting, cutting
themselves up, I can tell, they're content.  They'd be positively happy
to go inside if only Silvio would stop putting those bikini clad


And further along our travels today
I encounter my own joy as we ride along the most adorable, fantastical 
garden in all of lignano sabbiadoro.



IMG_0908 I
park the kids and take pictures, they do little justice.  After a few
minutes the sweetest thing happens, the proprietor comes out and asks
that I wait. Suddenly the large riverboat wheel in the water starts
spinning and the potted plants go round and round and up and down like
a carousel. They're a kind couple, Belgium/Paris/LS lifestyle.


we reach the dock I put the kids out to run the rest of the way home. 
Godot is left in the dust as Colette has already flown over the bike,
done a pirouette or two and waits patiently aboard the boat while her
brother and mother take a bit longer...


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