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The husband and I got into an almost heated discussion the other night.

Back story: husband is a positive person, I try to be but sometimes I'm just not. DH can find a bright side to every piece of mud he sees and sometimes I swear my contacts are caked in it.

Somehow or another we got onto the subject of happiness, he feels happiness is a choice people make. I disagree.

I do think "faking it til you make it" works for some, I also think some people do decide to be miserable and look for things to be sour about. But sometimes for some, I think it can be hard to actually be happy.

Me, I take medicine (& btw, haven't missed a day yet!) I want to be happy, try to be happy, but you know what? Some days I am just not happy.

How come happiness comes so easy for some?

It can get frustrating sometimes. I know I have a good life and at least a dozen things that someone somewhere out there probably wishes they had, but sometimes that gloom and doom just wants to linger. Then I am not only unhappy in general, but now I am unhappy because I just can't be happy.

Vicious cycle.

But in case you are wondering, this rant isn't because I am unhappy. I do know if I start thinking long enough or stare in a mirror hard enough, I could probably come up with at least a dozen different things to be upset and unhappy about, so I don't. Today, anyway.

For me that is where the choices come in. I am not necessarily choosing to be happy or not, but I am choosing to not think about it. The kicker for me is sometimes I can make that choice, other times I can't. It really is like an addiction of some sort... you know if you dwell on that one particular thing it might send you on a downward spiral but you just have to look away.

So what do you think... is happiness a choice?

What can make you instantly happy?

And again - I am not unhappy, just curious. :)




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