Start Your Day With a Happiness Prescription

What do you do to get your day going on an upbeat, positive note?

Adopting my quick, easy and fun four-minute morning routine will help you build a happiness practice in your life. Consider it a "happiness prescription" from Dr. Aymee!

This is a great question!

Morning time can really make or break us, so I recommend being very intentional every morning to set the stage for your upward spiral. This means we want to harness the power of your positive emotions right off the bat -- you see, when we have a 3:1 ratio of positive to negative emotional experiences, our life goes into an upward spiral, according to positive emotions experts Dr. Barbara Frederickson of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Dr. Marcial Losada.

You have heard of the downward spiral, right? In positive psychology, we focus on the positive, upward spiral in your life. The morning is a great time to get this boost, since it can set the foundation for your day. This is so important that I have created a special formula of happiness-boosting techniques that is guaranteed to boost your mood probably even until noon. (Then the daytime routine kicks in).

Every client in my happiness makeover program practices this morning routine for 90 days straight. Being intentional about how you begin your day is really about committing to the creation of a "happiness practice" in your daily experience. Taking control of your happiness is the very first step. Jenn Marie, of Blenifer Uncorked, starts by choosing happiness every day!

Adopting the morning routine outlined here is a start to build your upward spiral by beginning a happiness practice in your life. Consider this a "happiness prescription" from Dr Aymee. Most of all, it is quick, easy, fun and everyone can do it -- it truly starts with waking up and smiling. Remember this is a daily practice! Do it for one day and see how it goes, then for 3 days, 7 days, etc... and tell us about it.

Start your day off with a positive, upbeat attitude.

Dr. Aymee Coget, Sustainable Happiness Expert, founder of The Happiness Makeover™ Training Program offers services and products on how to become happier at her website Ask questions and visit her on Facebook or Twitter (@draymee), or her blog


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