Is This Getting to Happy?

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“I think we owe it to ourselves to start doing as much as we possibly can to make ourselves as happy as we possibly can for as long as we possibly can and to hell with all the bull**** that doesn’t.”

If you have ever found yourself at a point in life where you are just not happy, where things have not turned out the way you thought despite all of your hard work, or in a relationship that is not giving you what you had hoped for, then maybe Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan is for you.

Or maybe not.

This sequel to Waiting to Exhale follows the lives of four women, close friends, as they recover from difficult experiences in their lives. Not surprisingly, many of their difficulties result from trouble with men and they all get through it together. I love that the women in the book work through their problems in the context of their friendship. They talk to each other and gossip about each other. They fight and then make-up, the relationships have an authentic ring to them.

But the book is depressing. It takes a long time to get to the Happy and we have to wade through drug abuse, betrayal and mental illness to get there. I’m sure its real, but its not fun. By the time Terry McMillan gets to happy, the book is almost finished and she rushes to the end with a lot of cliche happy endings (drug rehab, new men and apologies from lost loves).

If you are comfortable with strong language and have been through a lot of betrayal and abuse, then you might really enjoy this book. Me, not so much. I don’t think I’ll be reading Terry McMillan again soon.


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