Happy Birthday, Laine!

Gaither 'round! It's time for a party!

Birthdays come but once a year, and for BlogHer's Laine, now it's here.

Happy Birthday to you!
     Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Crazy Eyeris!
     Happy Birthday to you!


NOTHING better than Chocolate Ganache Cake!

Once upon a time, in upstate New York, there lived a fairy princess named Laine or Lainey, as the people of BlogHer Castle sometimes liked to say. Lainey was very beautiful, was married to a handsome prince and had children that were known to drive her nuts over a cabin feverish long winter as only upstate New Yorkers can have.

And many happy returns!

As Laine can tell you, even fairy princesses have dreams. Laine dreamed of being a big, bad roller derby Queen and turning in her sparkling pink ball gown for a roller derby persona named Crazy Eyeris. As Crazy Eyeris, Laine didn't have problems with anything, least of all the weather, so she, her husband and kids lived happily ever after. THE END.


An Invitation

 You and your keyboard are cordially invited to
a BlogHer Birthday Party in celebration of
Laine Griffin's March 1 Birthday.

No need to run to the store!
Just sign in using the comments below to
send wishes, blow kisses, give presents,
bring snacks and chill booze.

 Party down, Dudettes!

NaBloPoMo March 2012

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