Happy Blogiversary to Moi!

Today marks one year since I first posted on this little project called a blog.  Since then, I've thrown open a window to my world that doesn't look like it'll be shutting anytime soon.  Thanks to you, the one reading this, and many others that have given endless tips, priceless advice and links to HTML/CSS know-how, EchoCafe has not only become my outlet, but my platform upon which to stack my dreams.

Some stats~

Over 142 posts

Over 14,500 pageviews in countries such as Russia, South Korea, Canada, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Singapore, The Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, Greece, China, Thailand, United Kingdom, Turkey and more.

My top ten most popular/most read posts are

10. My thoughts on the awesomeness that is Slam Poetry

9.   Eli's infatuation with Nutella Cupcakes.. and Daddy

8.   A nostalgic laundry moment

7.   The day I fell in love with myself

6.   A day in the life of a busy Mom

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3.   My thoughts on the Breastfeeding Babydoll

2.   Christmas in NYC!

1.   Eli's Birth Story

I've shared joy, confusion, celebration and tears.  
I've discovered myself through my own words.
There have been weeks where I've had nothing to say, and days where I've posted three times.
There have been days where I've just wanted to share a song that was making me smile.

I had no idea what this blog would become, but I have an idea of how to continue to make it better.

1. Embrace each event that we encounter and share the lessons from it.  In the coming year I will be:

  • moving Eli to a new daycare
  • hosting a baby shower for my bestie Carolyn
  • collecting my Associate's Degree
  • getting married
  • house-hunting/moving
  • enrolling in classes to collect my Bachelor's
  • opening an e-store
  • continuing to write two special compositions
  • taking on a couple of random projects
  • practicing developing recipes.. or at the very least, mastering the ones I love right now

2. Share anything I pick up from each experience we approach, reach and reflect on.  Whether how to incorporate your toddler into a new group of friends, how to tie tissue paper pom-poms for decoration, how to bake homemade hamburger buns or how to refinish a hardwood floor; when I know, you'll know.

3. Organize some kind of editorial calendar that carries themes and a scheduled delivery of posts, but also embraces flexibility for posts that develop through the day.

With that said, I ask you to consider helping me to grow in the coming year.  

You can do so by: 

  • sharing my posts if you find them useful in anyway 
  • backlinking anything you find interesting or worth crediting 
  • joining this site 
  • subscribing to my RSS feed 
  • sharing your feedback! 
  • requesting certain topics to be covered 
  • following me on Twitter and BlogHer
My hope is that you will learn things and be inspired as you spend time reading this blog!

I thank you all for anything and everything you have done to support my debut year as a Blogtress, and I thank you in advance for the opportunity to continue to connect to you through this platform.

Cheers to my first year!  

Looking forward to many, many more :)

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