Happy Chicken Sausage Pita

This is delicious and you will be happy eating it-promskies. Yes I just unnecessarily butchered the word promise.

Anyway, the chicken sausage and 2 cups of veggies are really great on their own, but it doesn't always make me full enough to get me past the 9pm tummy growl without reaching for a girl scout cookie (fist shaking at the little girls who look cute but represent evil). So I warm up the pita pocket for about 20 seconds and cram as much of the mixture in there as I can.

Chicken veggie pita

I have to eat at least two cups of veggies to get anywhere near satisfied, so they never all totally fit into the pita making a huge mess of spilled good stuff all over the plate. It's a little messy, but it still tastes almost perfect. Oh and while the veggies and sausage are heating up on the stove, I throw in a pinch (or 4) of crushed basil. Flavor and more green, can't be bad for you!


Above is the calorie break down, a healthy tasty dinner, hope you can try it soon!

I would love to hear about your recipes for chicken sausage! Leave me a link below as a comment if you feel like sharing!




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