Happy Easter!

Today was one of those wake-up-on-the-right-side-of-the-bed kind of days. My husband is off for the whole weekend, which (as of late) is a rare occurrence. The sun was shining in a brilliantly blue sky and the air was warm and sweet with the promise of more to come.

 I love any sort of holiday and especially now that I have children. It's as if I'm able to see the world through their eyes, experience their wonder and feel the electricity that comes with the giddy anticipation of the arrival of a certain four-legged friend.





To add to my already Good Good Friday, I opened my laptop to an email from BlogHer.com informing me that my post about helping my son adjust to his glasses would be featured that morning on their Family topics page which you can see here. When I told my son that his story would be featured on the site and that it could help others who have to get glasses not to be afraid, his face filled with pride and my heart melted, nothing beats seeing your child proud of themselves.





Later on, we got ourselves outside and the kids pulled out their bikes and scooters, Spring is finally here! I was sporting my denim jacket and a trend I'm obsessed with right now- the head scarf. We took our usual route and watched in awe at the power of the river. There was something exhilarating, terrifying and fascinating about the deafening roar of the once peaceful river and we made sure that the kids stayed well away from the edge (insert life lesson about Spring thaws here).





Once we were home it was time to dye our eggs. Nothing fancy here, just good ol' fashioned food colouring and vinegar.





One thing I took pleasure in was deliberately dying my daughter's eggs beautiful shades of pink, purple and orange. Amidst the usual grey-greens, blues and teals, the pink egg really stood out and it reminded me how fortunate I am to have the little girl that I've always hoped for.








I am totally one of those Moms who dresses her daughter in pink, frills and ribbons. For 5 years it was nothing but dump trucks, video games and dirt. Coming from the female filled household that I did, I was yearning for a little femme when my baby girl came to me.






Who knows, she may turn out to be a tom boy and refuse to wear a dress, so for now, while I can, I'll indulge in every frilly, sparkly, pink anything I can get my hands on!


I also noticed how big my little guy is getting. He'll be three in a couple weeks and he keeps reminding me with his ever-growing vocabulary, humour and stories. There's something great (and not-so-great) about every stage our children go through, but there is something about their third year that I adore.





Maybe it's that they're able to share with you what's on their mind with the purest innocence of a child, untouched by society, no school, no rules, no major let-downs as of yet. They see the world around them as this great big magical place and you're still very much the center of their universe. I watched him closely today as he decorated his eggs, completely focused, skillfully turning the egg in his fingers when not so long ago he needed me to do such things for him.




 I also noted, that with my eldest being as inquisitive as he is, this would likely be the last year he would believe that an oversized bunny crept into our house and hid some chocolate for him to find. I wished, very much, in that moment I could stop everything as it was and just take the time to really soak it in. 

Alas, all things must come to an end and I have to say I am pleased and impressed with the creative genius displayed this afternoon.



Tomorrow we will be taking the train to the village of St. Jacob's where they have a Farmer's Market and a slew of outlets. The kids have never been on a train and the Easter Bunny himself will be making an appearance, so it's sure to be a blast. The rest of the weekend will be spent with family (bring on G.G's cooking!) and I will be making it a point to unplug and live in the moment (after all I have to live to blog about it!). 


So from my family to yours, have a wonderful long weekend and thanks again for stopping by and sharing this awesome day with me!


Originally posted on The Hodge Podge Diaries 03/29/13


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