Happy Easter Honey

Leslie in Little Rock


 Lauren, Thruston, and Sara Doan
Easter Sunday - April 8, 2012

Even though I am a few days late, I want to wish my husband, Thruston, Happy Easter. This picture was taken of him with our two daughters, Lauren (then 19) and Sara (then 15) on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012. We went to one of his favorite Italian restaurants, Bravo, after church and ate Easter lunch together.  Because it was just the four of us, there is also another picture that Thruston took of me with our daughters in front of the same fountain. At the time, Lauren was a freshman in college and drove three hours home to spend Easter with our family. Sara was a freshman in high school and was very involved in dance classes, school organizations and our church Youth Group activities.

32 days later, on May 10, 2012, my husband passed away suddenly at age 52 from an undetected Pulmonary Embolism.

The day he died, our lives changed forever. I became a widow after 25 years of marriage, our two daughters lost their father, and I found myself thrown into a world where I was totally overwhelmed with everything that comes with a sudden death, including planning his funeral, writing his obituary and trying to handle all the legal and financial matters by myself.

In addition, the dynamics of our family changed as well.  As a cancer survivor, I was always striving to savor life with family outings and spending time together. My husband, as an Agriculture Journalist who frequently traveled to Washington DC for reporting duties, was always the quiet parent with the plan that held our family together. Once he was gone, I found myself a single mother of two teenage girls. That was not part of the plan.

Our dog, Oreo, a black and white Australian Shepherd, became depressed and our cat, Lilly, a calico kitty, freaked out with the sudden influx of friends and family in our home.

It’s been almost two years since my husband died and it has not been easy. I've been very lucky to have received a lot of help from my friends and my family along with my neighbors, church members and sometimes even strangers in trying to do everything that comes with being a widow.  I have also found several online websites that offer support designed just for widows and widowers. The first year was the hardest and we were very fortunate to have dear friends that we visited in California on October 18, 2012, which was our 26th Wedding Anniversary.

As a writer, I have found that it helps me to deal with our loss by writing and blogging about it.  This past year I have written letters to him on some holidays and events to let him know how our daughters and I are doing.

Lauren is now a junior in college studying International Relations and spent a semester in Austria last year at the University of Graz. Sara, a junior in high school, attended an academic program in Rhode Island & a Leadership Conference in Washington, DC last summer along with working as a Junior Counselor at a Christian Camp.

So I just want to say Happy Easter Honey. We all love and miss you.


  Lauren, Leslie, and Sara Doan
Easter Sunday - April 8, 2012


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