Happy Eastoverversary!

This is a weird week, for several reasons. First of all, after a very mild winter with very little snow (much to my snow-day-driven children’s dismay), I sit here on my computer watching the freakishly large snowflakes drive in whirls and swirls past my window - and around a large black dog roaming through the wooded area next to the house. This is strange for two reasons 1) we own a yellow lab and a miniature dachshund - neither of which are black and b) it’s APRIL!

Anyhow, the other reason this is such a weird week is because it’s Eastoverversary week! Never heard of Eastoverversary? I’m not surprised, you tired masses of normalcy just don’t get the same sorts of holidays as us here on planet Adivah. In our wonderfully mixed family - a nice blend of yid and goy (Jews and gentiles) - we have a much wider array of celebrations which we have created in the same mixed-up fashion we do pretty much everything else around here.

So, this week, we have Easter, Passover and my wedding anniversary - all of which we will celebrate on Sunday. And just how will we celebrate Eastoverversary? Well, I’m not exactly sure yet - this is a special year. Never before have we had Eastover at the same time as our anniversary. And yes, Eastover comes to our house every year.

Last year we celebrated Eastover by gracing the neighboring church with our Judeo-Christian brood for a lovely Easter service and then went home to dye Easter eggs while munching on charosis and matzo. Then we had our abridged Seder and read from the Hagadah - the very, very, very long story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt, which we (naturally) shortened to the attention span of our TV/video game/Internet addicted children.

It’s a nice tradition that we’ve established and we really looked forward to it, but I really don’t know how to throw an anniversary into the mix. How do you balance a Seder and egg dying with the family with the inclination to ditch the kids and have a romantic evening out with the honey? We could do the Eastover thing in the morning-afternoon time and then ditch the kids and go out, but that just seems wrong on such a sanctimonious day as Eastover. We could celebrate Eastover at home and then take everyone out to dinner, but that could squash the whole passion/romance factor.

So what’s a Sheyner Yid (a beautiful Jew) to do? (BTW - can you tell I’ve been brushing up on my Joys of Yiddish?) Luckily, a Passover Seder involves a lot of Maneschewitz wine. We could always celebrate our typical Eastover, thowing out the “you’re too young to drink” rule just this once, let the kids get shnockered and then have our romantic evening after they pass out.

Hmmm….probably not a good idea. (Not that I wouldn’t be willing to give it a go, but b/c one of my friends, a family court attorney, now reads my blog.)

It’s too bad there are no nice restaurants around that serve a good family Passover Seder. Could it be that we’ll have to forego our traditional holiday intertwining and take a more separatist attempt approach this year? I refuse to go down this way. My kids love the twisted way my mind warps “normal” situations into our own weird traditions - Super Mom must persevere.

Only on a snowy April day, suffering from Spring Break brain, I just don’t know. Anyone have any good (but warped - definitely warped) ideas?

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