Happy food

I am prompted to write about my happy food. Food that makes me happy.

You all think it is going to be popcorn I bet.

Popcorn is happiness for me. But because I eat it all the time I am not going to write about it. I should be in a constant state of bliss if all that I needed to get me there was popcorn. Just as an aside.

And I am not in a constant state of bliss....

Just FYI.

I have been thinking a lot about garlic lately. Remember when everyone had those garlic pots that you put the whole bulb in and baked them in the oven. Then you squirted the individual clove contents out and spread the garlic on the bread. An entire clove of melted, roasted garlic......per slice of warm French bread.....mmmmmmmm.

The smell of garlic in this form is intoxicating. I love the smell of garlic pesto as well. Garlic does not particularly love me. My guts usually writhe for hours after even a minor ingestion. But I do love garlic.

I also find that the smell of a lemon caper anything will just about put me over the edge of awesome. I mean how can THAT smell not draw you in?

Many of my "happy foods" are also foods that make my guts ache. It is so sadomasochistic. I may have to explore that in a later blog.

I love coconut covered in chocolate. Any chocolate. Dark or milk. A single piece of See's candy will satisfy a place in my happy heart. I am probably averaging about 6 or 8 pieces of See's per calendar year. I have unlimited access to See's so that's why I never over indulge. Another weird depravation thing I practice.

If I put a roast in my crockpot with potatoes, onions and carrots, and I leave for a few hours, upon returning home, I will be dropped to my knees by the aroma of this meal. I mean can you NOT be transported to a serenely happy place just by the smell of this idealized comfort food?

My favorite food is pasta. I love all pasta. All shapes. I like all pasta sauces as well. Red. Pesto. Even cream sauces. I am making pasta for my family tonight for dinner. Pesto pasta with pancetta. The shape will be penne because my family loves penne. I wish I had access to my all-time favorite pasta...malfatti.

My in laws have malfatti every Christmas. There used to be a place in Vallejo where we could get it. Then we had to go to a place in Napa. The guy that owned the place in Napa sold and opened an itty bitty business where he makes about 600 malfatti per week and sells them on the down low. My FIL makes the drive about once every 6 weeks. The next time he goes I am insisting he grab some for me. My family will go into orbit if I make malfatti for dinner one night.  

Food and happiness. For so many this is a dangerous link. I watch all the weight loss shows on TV and constantly see people who can only be classified as food addicts. All of their sadness is being covered by food and the act of overeating is what they think is making them feel good. The spiral is so toxic and can be deadly. I can relate to the desire to feel better and to use food as a path to happiness. I have never gone over the edge though. But I can see how it can happen.

I do not like the feeling of being full. I like to leave the table feeling just right. I do not mind leaving food on my plate. I think it is ok to wake up hungry.

I want my daughters to have a healthy respect for what food can and cannot do for them. I want them to eat many different things and try things that are unfamiliar. I do not issue any food rules per say. My parents had a list of food requirements and many of their rituals were positively abusive. I am more likely to excuse a kid from the table after eating only a few bites, then to have a kid sitting at the table trying to force themselves to eat "everything on their plate".

A woman's relationship with food can be tricky. I am staying vigilant with my girls so that they develop good eating habits and not too many idiosyncrasies around food. So far so good.

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