Happy, Friday, the 13th! 13 Ways to Keep Love In Motion!!!

13 Ways to Keep Love in Motion!!!


1. Love yourself first allowing that love grow, blossom and spill over to others.

 2. Better your best through loving, learning and laughing.

 3. Always be true to you.

 4. Choose to influence someone purposely.

 5. Happiness, often temporary; joy resides within - find ways to share the joy in your heart.

 6. Check your mirror first.

 7. Recognize the potency of questions.

 8. Cultivate a spirit of thankfulness.

 9. Work hard to build great relational-ships and even harder to maintain them.

 10. Choose growth from strength, not weakness.

 11. Toss entitlement – practice being grateful.

 12. Choose to believe love empowers.

 13. Make it a habit to sprinkle pieces of your heart to everyone and everything you touch.


 KEEP LOVE IN MOTION...Friday, the 13th and every day!


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